Technical Support Guidelines

The Information Technology Solutions of Texas Southmost University gives computer system as well as details
systems support for all students, faculty, and staff. The function of this standard is to explain the fundamental
level of service that will certainly be ensured by the Infotech Services. It is also the purpose of
this guideline to determine as well as define the limits of Technology Resources’ capacities and what will certainly not
be supported.
IT Support Northampton
” IT sustain” is defined as any inquiries made by end users to the Information Technology Services concerning
any failures, troubles, problems, concerns, and various other issues connecting to the operation and connection of
college-owned PCs, web servers, Internet site, software application, peripherals, telephony, smart phones, and various other
devices or assets.
The variety of support provided and also ensured by the Information Technology Services will certainly differ depending
on the nature of the issue, the number of staff or resources readily available to resolve the problem, the
urgency of the property in question, as well as other variables pertaining to the nature of the assistance requested. Concern
will normally be given to mission-critical applications/workflows/assets initially, moving down in priority
The following guideline declarations exclude the support of workers’ individual computing tools,
peripherals, software, as well as services, unless previous working plans have actually been made according to
ideal Texas Southmost University guidelines.
1. Software Assistance: Support is attended to all core software packages and running systems
on Texas Southmost University workstations, web servers, laptops, as well as other computing equipment.
Support is also attended to department-specific software applications. Particularly, assistance
is attended to:
AD Astra
Adobe Creative Cloud Collection
Daxko Range
General Canvas LMS assistance
Photo Now
MS Workplace Collection
TSC Online
Windows 7/8/8.1/ 10 OS
Wise Track

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